Prairie Resources

Grand Prairie Friends - Non-profit organization committed to preserving and restoring tall grass prairie in east-central Illinois.

Indiana Division of Nature Preserves, Department of Natural Resources - Information about Indiana Prairies and the Nature Preserves dedicated to preserving them.

Meadowbrook Prairie - Urbana Park District restored prairie in Illinois offers a glimpse of the former landscape of Illinois.

Minong Prairie - Joint project between Summerfield Middle School, Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources, and the Nature Conservancy to preserve an area of prairie in lower Michigan.

Northern Prairie Biological Resources - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center -United States Geological Survey (USGS) site listing various prairie resources.

Prairie Nursery - Nursery in Wisconsin where you can buy Prairie plants and seeds.  Also has good information about Prairies.

The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois provides lots of information about prairies, where prairies may be found, prairie plants, and links to other prairie sites.