Major Herbarium Projects

The Indiana Plant Atlas compiles and presents data on county-level occurrence of Indiana’s spontaneous flora – plants that grow outside of cultivation. Thousand of photos of live plants are available on the Atlas. Click on the link at left to learn more.

The Friesner Herbarium Digital Collection project is a multiyear effort to link label information from our Indiana specimens with images in a searchable electronic format. Click on the link at left to learn more.

Marion County Flora studies -- As part of our mission to explore and document Indiana's flora, Friesner Herbarium staff are conducting a series of long-term studies of the flora of Marion County and the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, where we are located. We are using our archive of historical plant specimens, recent floristic inventories conducted with student assistants, and monitoring of native plant installations to better understand our urban wild plants. We disseminate our findings through guest lectures, invited speaking engagements, presentations at professional society meetings, through technical reports and peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals.

The plant search lists places in Marion County where you can see each plant that we have observed in our Marion County flora studies. The photos and information are a compilation of what we have documented on our inventories around Marion County and the Butler University campus, thus may not represent everything that could be growing in Marion County, Indiana.